Palestine Before the Nakba 1948

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6 Responses to Palestine Before the Nakba 1948

  1. eecro says:

    This is one of the best documentary introductions to pre-Nakba Palestine that I have come across in the last 7-8 years. Its great strength lies in its portrayal of Palestinian society’s full involvement in the modern world of the first half of the 20th century, while retaining those older traditions that the people cherished. While remaining fully connected to Europe through its Mediterranean export trade, it also remained largely insulated by its position under the British Mandate from any direct embroilment in the chaos unleashed elsewhere in the world by the Fascist powers — Italy, Germany and Japan — in north and east Africa, eastern and western Europe and China respectively.

    Tragically, the Zionist usurpation of Palestine facilitated by the British Mandate, manipulated the one fatal weakness of pre-Nakba Palestine, namely its lack of command over governance or of any means of ensuring the nation’s future in and on its own territory. Of course, on this score, the Palestinian elites have much to answer for. They elaborated and imposed their strategic posture of refusing to mobilise the broad urban and rural masses of Palestine for full national independence. In this, these elites enjoyed the tacit support of the worst reactionary leaders elsewhere in the Arab world. These latter were more terrified of overthrow from below in their own jurisdictions than they were of the consequences of continued obsequiousness towards the extreme self-seeking of powerful foreign empires.

    No one can ever be permitted to forget for even a moment that “Zionism” is NOT just about “Israel.” Israeli nationality is so fictional that their own citizenship law refuses to define anything as “Israeli” and defers instead to an utterly reactionary anti-modern view of nationality defined by religion, in which all those not Jewish — now standing at more than 20 per cent of the population — can then be “legally” discriminated against. Zionism’s power derives from its roots in the aims of Anglo-American imperialism, Arab & European reaction, and Palestinian elites whose interests have become “mobbed up” with these jackals.

  2. rania says:

    realy great effort, Im not Palestinean, but my husband is originally from Palestine, and i want my children to see how their country was and never lose touch of their root or cause. it made me cry, keep up the great work…

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  4. Diego says:

    long live Palestine, free and justice will prevail.

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