Waiting To Return Home: Palestinian Martyrs in Israeli “Cemeteries of Numbers” and Morgues

The Zionist entity is not only built on the remains of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages, it not only thrives on Palestinian blood, the Zionist entity excels in punishing the Palestinians it occupies and oppresses; both the living and the dead. In yet another outrageous violation of everything that is humane and in violation of all known international laws and principles, a violation to be added to the long and never-ending list of Zionist violations, the immoral Zionist entity withholds an unknown number of Palestinian and Arab martyrs whom it killed either during direct confrontations or those it executed in cold blood after being kidnapped alive. In some cases this entity of terror even tries and imprisons the Palestinian martyrs. Some Martyrs are “kept captive” in the morgues while others are buried in what is known as the “Cemeteries of Numbers”, which are secret cemeteries in closed military areas with bare graves surrounded by stones, and each grave has only a number for identification on a metal plate. The graves are not deep enough and the bodies are buried in shallow sandy areas making them an easy prey to land erosions and stray animals. There are no tomb stones, no name, only numbers given to the humans who have names, homes and families. Of the many cemeteries, 4 have been identified[1]:
1. A cemetery located near the Banat Yacoub Bridge in a military area bordering Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. Allegedly it contains approximately 500 graves of Palestinians and Lebanese killed in 1982 and onward.
2. A cemetery located in a closed military area between Jericho and Adam Bridge on the Jordan River. It is surrounded by a wall with an iron gate and a billboard inscribed “A Cemetery for the Dead of the Enemy”. It contains more than one hundred graves bearing numbers from 5003 to 5007. It is unknown whether they are serial numbers assigned to individuals or, as Israel claims, administrative codes unrelated to the real number of buried bodies.
3. The Cemetery of Refedeem in the Jordan Valley. Details unavailable.
4. The Cemetery of Shuheitar, located near Wadi Al Hamam, a village north of Galilee between Mount Ariel and the Lake of Galilee. Most of the bodies in this cemetery belong to war victims killed in the Jordan Valley battles in the years 1965 to 1975. In the north side of this cemetery, 30 graves are divided between two rows, while the remaining 20 are situated in the central area. Shamefully, all these graves are sandy and shallow, which when exposed to rain, allows bodies to be vulnerable and dragged by stray animals.

There are at least 300 known Palestinian martyrs from the West Bank and Gaza whose bodies are withheld by the Zionist entity in these shameless places, in addition to martyrs withheld in Israeli army morgues. These martyrs were kidnapped after their death and their bodies withheld ever since. Many have been withheld for decades, for example Ali al-Ja’fari from Dheisheh refugee camp was killed while in Israeli detention during the Nafhah hunger strike in 1981 and his body is still withheld by the IOF. Some of the martyrs were even “tried” after their death and “are serving their sentences”, such as Mohammad Al-Mansi whose family was told that their dead son was sentenced to 14 years in jail. Other bodies are imprisoned for no reason, families speculate because the bodies of their children show signs of execution and so the bodies are withheld to conceal that they were murdered in cold-blood or to hide the organ theft operations the Israeli army has been conducting for decades on Palestinian martyrs and which were exposed lately. Family members are either asked to identify the martyr but not allowed to take the body back home or are informed by the IOF that their child is dead and is kept in “detention”. This immoral violation is meant as a punishment, not only for the dead but as a collective punishment for families who are not given the chance to say goodbye or cry at the tomb of their beloved one.

The Zionist entity, with its “most moral army in the world”, is the only country in the world that not only punishes the living for wanting freedom, but the dead as well. It holds back these bodies and uses them as a political bargain, as a collective punishment to the families and as a warning to all Palestinians who seek freedom and fight for their legitimate rights. These “Cemeteries of Numbers” represent the disrespect the Zionist entity has to all known humane values and principles. But it is not only the Zionist entity that is the criminal here, but the so-called free world that talks continuously of human rights and of human dignity but is blind and deaf to the immoral actions of the immoral Zionist entity. The martyrs must be respected and laid to rest in a dignified manner, not be held captive in their own homeland, and the families must be able to mourn their children and give them a decent burial.

Art. 17. of the Geneva Convention states:
Parties to the conflict shall ensure that burial or cremation of the dead, carried out individually as far as circumstances permit, is preceded by a careful examination, if possible by a medical examination, of the bodies, with a view to confirming death, establishing identity and enabling a report to be made. One half of the double identity disc, or the identity disc itself if it is a single disc, should remain on the body.
Bodies shall not be cremated except for imperative reasons of hygiene or for motives based on the religion of the deceased. In case of cremation, the circumstances and reasons for cremation shall be stated in detail in the death certificate or on the authenticated list of the dead.
They shall further ensure that the dead are honourably interred, if possible according to the rites of the religion to which they belonged, that their graves are respected, grouped if possible according to the nationality of the deceased, properly maintained and marked so that they may always be found. For this purpose, they shall organize at the commencement of hostilities an Official Graves Registration Service, to allow subsequent exhumations and to ensure the identification of bodies, whatever the site of the graves, and the possible transportation to the home country. These provisions shall likewise apply to the ashes, which shall be kept by the Graves Registration Service until proper disposal thereof in accordance with the wishes of the home country.
As soon as circumstances permit, and at latest at the end of hostilities, these Services shall exchange, through the Information Bureau mentioned in the second paragraph of Article 16, lists showing the exact location and markings of the graves, together with particulars of the dead interred therein.

Palestinian Martyrs withheld by the Zionist entity in the “Cemeteries of Numbers” and in Israeli morgues:
Abdel Fattah Mohammad Ali Badeer, Tulkarim, born 1949, killed 15.07.1971
Abdel Basit Mohammad Qasem Odeh, Tulkarim, born 29.03.1977, killed 27.03.2003
Abed Ahmad Abdel-Nabi Al-Ju’ba, Hebron, born 1944
Abdel Karim Isa Khalil Tahaynah, Silet Al-Harthiyeh, Jenin, born 06.07.1981, killed 05.03.2002
Abdel Jabir Abdil Qader Abdil Jabir Khalid, Jayyous, Qalqilia, born 22.05.1980, killed 17.02.2002
Abdel Fattah Mousa Barham Daoud, Haifa, born 1948, killed 1969
Abdel Rahim Abdel Aziz Ahmad Al-Talahmeh, Khadir, Bethlehem, born 20.06.1973, killed 25.09.2003
Abdel Karim Salameh Mousa Jadallah Al-Tardah, Tafooh, Hebron, born 20.01.1952, killed 1974
Abdel Karim Omar Mohammad Yousif Ahmad, Jenin, born 13.03.1982, killed 27.11.2001
Abdallah Abdel Qader Abdallah Al-Qawasmi, Hebron, born 19.07.1960, killed 21.06.2003
Abdel Salam Sadeq Mour’e Hassoun, Beit Imreen, Nablus, born 29.10.1974, killed 17.01.2002
Abdel Rahman Hasan Abdel Rahman Khattab, Bilin, Ramallah, born 29.10.1959, killed 15.03.1979
Adel Abdel Aziz Isa Najem, Aqraba, Nablus, born 1937, killed 1967
Abdallah Hussein Saad Bani Fadhl, Aqraba, Nablus, born 1927, killed 09.10.1970
Abdallah Alayyan Amarneh, Ras Ammar, Jerusalem, born 1947, killed 03.1968
Abdallah Said Ibrahim Badran, Tulkarim, born 10.06.1983, killed 25.02.2005
Adel Mohammad Ibrahim Hadaydah, Tulkarim, born 20.01.1976, killed 05.06.2002
Adel Kahlid Mohammad Abdel Aziz, Maraqah, Jenin, born 22.01.1948, killed 28.02.1971
Adel Ahmad Ismail Awadallah, Ramallah, born 14.04.1967, killed 10.09.1998
Abdel Mu’ti Mohammad Saleh Shabaneh, Hebron, born 18.05.1985, killed 11.06.2003
Ali Munir Yousif Khalil Ja’arah, Bethlehem, born 30.01.1979, killed 29.01.2004
Awad Ratib Ayyoub Al-Noubani, Deir Ghassaneh, Ramallah, born 1948, killed 1968
Ahmad Abdel Karim Salim Hamad,  Nablus, born 05.10.1984, killed 05.02.2003
Ahmad Abdel-Afou Abdel Fattah Al-Qawasmi, Hebron, born 29.10.1970, killed 31.08.2002
Ahmad Fawzi Abdel Lateef Abu Dosh, Dura, Hebron, born 28.02.1978, killed 16.09.2003
Ahmad Ayed Ahmad Al-Faqih, Hebron, born 18.06.1982, killed 27.12.2002
Ahmad Atiyah Ahmad Khamees, Qalqilia, born 19.10.1976, killed 22.10.2003
Ahmad Ali Mifleh Abahrah, Jenin, born 05.11.1984, killed 19.06.2003
Ahmad Khairi Fathi Yahia, Kufr Ra’I, Jenin, born 1981, killed 07.07.2003
Ahmad Hafez Sa’dat Abdel Jawad, Askar rc, Nablus, born 21.04.1983, killed 28.03.2002
Ahmad Badawi Khalil Masalmah, Beit Awaa, Hebron, born 07.06.1963, killed 08.06.2002
Ahmad Mohammad Al-Haj Saleh Al-Rushdi, Ramleh, born 1925, killed 1948
Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad Khalil Amarneh, Ras Abu Ammar, Jerusalem, born 1933, killed 03.1968
Ahmad Khalid Mohammad Rida Al-Khatib, Nablus, born 25.05.1985
Ahmad Mustafa Ismail Ramadan, Tal. Nablus, born 1945, killed 1970
Ahmad Mustafa Ahmad Safadi, Nablus, born 16.12.1985, killed 09.10.2003
Ahmad Mohammad Najim Bani Maniyeh, Aqraba, Nablus, born 20.10.1926, killed 1967
Ahmad Yasir Ahmad Saleh, KSA, born 14.12.1983, killed 08.09.2002
Ahmad Sami Ahmad Ghawi, Atil, Tulkairm, born 02.01.1987, killed 12.07.2005
Ahmad Othman Shafeeq Bader, Hebron, born 20.09.1981, killed 09.09.2003
Ala’ Ibrahim Sa’oud Hasan Al-Titi, Balatah rc, Nablus, born 26.10.1983, killed 27.05.2002
Ala’ Hilal Abdel Sattar Sabbah, Jenin, born 11.04.1979, killed 25.05.2001
Akram Ishaq Abdallah Nabtiti, Bethlehem, born 14.06.1978, killed 17.03.2002
Ala’ Sleiman Zuhdi Marshoud, Nablus, born 26.10.1982, killed 17.06.2002
Ala’ Judi Raji Al-Natsheh, Hebron, born 22.4.1982
Ala’ Iddine Abdel Rahman Al-Fakhouri,Hebron, born 25.02.1987, killed 08.06.2003
Amer Abdel Rahim Ahmad Ali Abdallah, Askar rc, Nablus, born 06.05.1988, killed 01.11.2004
Amin Ali Saad Salameh Bsharat, Tammoun, Tubas, born 16.07.1985, killed 13.03.2003
Ali Yousif Ali Abu Basmah, Jordan, born 23.05.1984, killed 20.03.2002
Amjad Sleiman Hasan Abu Saleem, Nablus, born 04.07.1986, killed 18.05.2003
Amer Shaker Abdel Latif Abu Ayyash, Balatah rc, Nablus, born 19.09.1983, killed 18.05.2003
Amer Mohammad Isa Shkoukani,Bireh, born 03.07.1976, killed 24.05.2002
Ammar Mharib Hasanein, Gaza, born 1977, killed 03.03.2000
Ammar Abdel Majid Ata Al-Shakhshir, Nablus, born 13.11.1976, killed 17.03.2002
Ammar Abdel Ghaffar Mousa Al-Jadbah, Gaza, born 18.01.1984, killed 06.07.2004
Anas Mahmoud Mohammad Ajawi, Jenin, born 27.10.1985
Anas Binan Abdel Karim Abu Elbah, Qalqilia, born 25.09.1977, killed 17.07.2002
Anan Mohammad mahmoud Hanani, Nablus, born 02.11.1983, killed 05.02.2003
Anwar Mohammad Atiya Sukkar, Ash-Shaja’iyyah, Gaza, born 10.12.1972, killed 22.01.1995
Anis Rafeeq Shukri Mousa Khalil, Ein Arik, Ramallah, born 08.11.1966, killed 11.11.1991
Anis Mahmoud Mohammad Doleh, Qalqilia, born 28.08.1944, killed 31.08.1980
Ashraf Salah Ahmad Al-Asmar, Jenin, born 03.02.1984, killed 21.10.2002
Asem Yousif Mohammad Abu Rabhan, Tel, Nablus, born 02.07.1981, killed 12.12.2001
Asem Samih Mohammad Aseedah, Tel, Nablus, born 02.11.1979, killed 17.07.2002
Ahmad Ibrahim Mohammad ‘Abdeh, Bethlehem, born 24.01.1983, killed 03.10.2002
Ayat Mohammad Lutfi Al-Akhras, Dheisheh rc, Bethlehem, born 18.03.1984, killed 29.03.2002
Azhar Ghassan Fawwaz Abu Het, Beit Furik, Nablus, born 04.04.1986, killed 29.04.2003
Buraq Rif’at Abdel Rahman Khalaf, Nablus, born 21.05.1985, killed 05.01.2003
Burhan Hosni Hasan Hanani, Nablus, born 24.12.1984, killed 11.11.2002
Baker Atiyah Bani Odeh, Tammoun, Toubas, born 12.03.1983, killed 13.03.2003
Basil Akram Suleiman Al-Sardi, Nablus, born 4.10.1980, killed 09.04.2003
Basil Mohammad Shafeeq Abdel Qader Al-Qawasmi, Hebron, born 07.09.1977
Basim Jamal Darwish Al-Takrouri, Hebron, born 23.09.1984, killed 18.05.2003
Bilal Ja,il Abdel Rahman Al-Majjar, Burin, Nablus, born 17.11.1958, killed 09.03.1984
Dalal Said Mohammad Al-Moughrabi, Lebanon, born 1958, killed 11.03.1978
Dergham Izzat Mohammad Said Zakarneh, Jordan, born 15.06.1981, killed 10.03.2002
Darine Mohammd Tawfeeq Abu Eisheh, Beit Wazan, Nablus, born 21.06.1981, killed 27.02.2002
Daoud Ali Ahmad Saad Abu Swai, Beit Jala, born 26.11.1955, killed 05.12.2001
Diab Abdel Raheem Abdel Rahman Al-Shobaki, Hebron, born 03.03.1977, killed 25.09.2003
Dhiya’ Marwan Aref Dimyati, Nablus, born 06.03.1980, killed 01.10.2002
Fathi Jihad Fathi Ammerah, Nablus, born 08.08.1983, killed 30.03.2002
Fadi Mohammad Ali Shehadeh, Dheisheh rc, born 12.07.1986, killed 13.05.2002
Fadi Ahmad Hasan Ali Amoudi, Jabalia, Gaza, born 06.02.1982, killed 17.04.2002
Fou’ad Jawad Omran Al-Qawasmah, Hebron, born 26.03.1981, killed 17.05.2003
Faisal Ahmad Rajih Khatib Damayrah, Arrabah, Jenin, born 1961, killed 29.09.1982
Hafith Mohammad Hussein Abu Zant, Nablus, born 24.12.1954, killed 18.05.1976
Hasan Mithqal Mahmoud Shahrour, Bal’a. Tulkarim, born 08.04.1955, killed 13.11.1983
Hani Ahmad Abdel Fattah Kharboush, Nablus, born 22.11.1978, killed 05.06.2003
Hamzeh Aref Hasan Sammoudi,Nazareth, born 17.04.1984, killed 05.06.2002
Hamdan Ra’fat Daid Saleh Hamdan, Arrabah, Jenin, born 1954, killed 23.05.1974
Hasan Ahmad Hasan Abu Zeid, Qabatia, Jenin, born 05.10.1985, killed 26.10.2005
Hasan Abdel Rahman Abu Sariyeh, Jenin, born 04.11.1929, 24.11, 1969
Hani Malek Ahmad Zakarneh, Qabatya, Jenin, born 29.08.1983, killed 12.01.2003
Hanadi Tayseer Abdel Malek Jaradat, Bethlehem, born 21.09.1975, killed 04.10.2003
Hiba Azim Said Daraghmeh, Tubas, born 06.1984, killed 19.05.2003
Hazem Ata Yousif Yousif, UAE, born 02.10.1985, killed 30.07.2002
Hussein Jaber Hussein Saleh, Aqraba, Nablus, born 1926, killed 1967
Husni Basheer Ahmad Al-Hasi, Jabalia, Gaza, born 15.09.1985, killed 24.06.2004
Ibrahim Mohammad Ahed Tawfiq Daoud, Qalqilia, born 01.10.1960, killed 29.05.2002
Ibrahim Khalil Ali Abu Saifeen, Al-Yamun, Jenin, born 1949, killed 60.06.1967
Ibrahim Ahmad Hasan Al-Sarahneh, Hebron, born 17.01.1971, killed 25.02.1996
Ibrahim Saad Iddine Hamed Al-Sa’ou, Hebron, born 18.02.1982, killed 04.08.2ß02
Ibrahim Rafiq Mohammad Abdel-Hadi, Gaza, born 02.12.1984, killed 06.07.2004
Ibrahim Mohammad Ibrahim Nasr, Jabalia, Gaza, born 16.08.1989, killed 22.05.2008
Ibrahim Yaser Ibrahim Naji Khalil, Nablus, born 01.02.1984, killed 17.07.2002
Ihab Ahmad Yousif Al-Hattab, Gaza, born 14.11.1976, killed 03.03.2000
Ihab Abdel-Qader Mahmoud Abu Islim, Rantis, Ramallah, born 10.06.1984, killed 09.09.2003
Imad Nayef Atiyah Bani Odeh, Tammoun, Toubas, born 27.01.1974, killed 13.03.2003
Imad Kamel Said Zbaidi, Nablus, born 12.03.1983, killed 22.04.2001
Imad Ahmad Ismail Awadallah, Ramallah, born 06.09.1969, killed 10.09.1998
Isa Ali Mohammad Mousleh, Nablus, born 1929, killed 05.09.1969
Isa Ali Ismail Ramadan, Tel, Nablus, born 04.12.1949, killed 27.03.1969
Isa Abed Rabbo Ibrahim Bdeer, Jerusalem, born 19.09.1985, killed 22.05.2002
Is’id Salameh Abu Khuwwar, Gaza, born 1945, killed 01.10.1970
Islam Yousif Taleb Qteishat, Askar rc, Nablus, born 18.08.1985, killed 12.08.2003
Iyad Mohammad Mahmoud Harb, Balatah, Nablus, born 13.08.1982, killed 07.11.2002
Iyad Amin Mohammad Ramah, Al’ien rc, Nablus, born 27.06.1983, killed 20.06.2008
Iyad Naim Subhi Raddad, Jordan, born 15.07.1979, killed 19.09.2002
Izzidine Shaheel Ahmad Al-Masri, Jenin, born 17.08.1979, killed 09.08.2001
Izzidin Khadir Shams Aldin Misk, Hebron, born 18.09.1977, killed 09.09.2003
Jameel Khalaf Moustafa Hameed, Bethlehem, born 14.02.1986, killed 31.03.2002
Jalal Khalil Mohammad Ismail Mahameed, Deir Abu D’ef, Jenin, killed 08.02.2002
Jaber Abdel Fattah Abdel Rahman Ata, Yafa, killed 1969
Jihad Mohammad Ismail Al-Suwaiti, Bei Awwa, Hebron, born 22.03.1965, killed 30.01.2004
Khaled Abdel Latif Omar Mohammad Ahmad Isa, Nablus, born 27.06.1982, killed 26.06.2003
Khladoun Walid Aref Sha’balou, Nablus, born 29.12.1973, killed 01.08.2002
Kamel Abdallah Kamel Alawneh, Jaba’, Jenin, born 14.05.1985, killed 26.06.2003
Khalid Mohammad Ahmad Tbeel, Gaza, born 1947, killed 1972
Khalid Khalil Jibreel Al-Tal, Al-Thahriyeh, Hebron, killed 10.02.2002
Khalid Ahmad As’ad Abul-Iz, Ateel, Tulkarim, born 05.11.1968, killed 30.10.2002
Khalid Yousif Mohammad Mousa, Al-Khader, Bethlehem, born 07.10.1983, killed 26.03.2002
Khalid Soubhi Ali Sanjaq, Rameen, Tulkarim, born 20.05.1981, killed 02.12.2001
Khalid Nabeel Khamees Al-Sawalhi, Balatah rc, Nablus, born 02.07.1984, killed 04.07.2002
Khalid Mahmoud Odeh Sultan, Haris, Nablus, born 1950, killed 05.06.1967
Khamees Ghazi Faisal Jarwan, Nablus, born 15.06.1986, killed 12.06.2003
Loutfi Ameen Abdel Latif Abu Sa’dah, Nablus, born 24.02.1984, killed 05.12.2006
Mahmoud Omran Salim Al-Qawasmi, Hebron, born 22.02.1983, killed 05.03.2008
Maher Mhyiiddine Kamil Habeesheh, Nablus, born 24.01.1981, killed 02.12.2001
Mahdi Mohammad Suleiman Qaisi, Qalqilia, born 17.01.1984, killed 06.03.2002
Majdi Abdel Jawad Abdel Jabbar Khanfar, Silet Al-Thahir, Jenin, born 19.01.1981, killed 03.01.2003
Mahmoud Zuheir Mahmoud Salim, Jabalia, Gaza, born 31.12.1986, killed 14.03.2004
Mahmoud Said Abdel Rahim Salah, Beit Wazan, Nablus, killed 08.03.2002
Mashhour Talab Awad Saleh Al-Arouri, Arourah, Ramallah, born 1956, killed 18.05.1976
Marzouq Midhat Abdel Latif Ghawadrah, Jenin, born 16.01.1981, killed 18.09.2002
Majdi Mohammad Mahmoud Abu Wardah, Al-Fawwar rc, Hebron, born 11.05.1977, killed 25.02.1996
Mohammad Abdel Rahim Al-Hanbali, Nablus, born 1976, killed 050.9.2003
Mohammad Abdel Qader Abu Salim, Deir Al-Balah, Gaza, born 1946, killed 27.04.1969
Mohammad Abdel Hamid Salih Hammoudah, Jordan, born 16.03.1984, killed 17.02.2002
Mohammad Amin Mahmoud Ghalmi, Nablus, born 14.11.1980, killed 29.04.2003
Mohammad Ahmad Mahmoud Marmish, Tulkarim, born 25.01.1980, killed 18.05.2001
Mohammad Ahmad Hammad, Rafah, Gaza, born 04.03.1984, killed 02.05.2004
Mohammad Faisal Naim Al-Saksak, Gaza, born 07.11.1986, killed 29.01.2007
Mohammad Isa Za’oul, Housan, Bethlehem, born 25.02.1981, killed 22.02.2004
Mohammad Ayyoub Mohammad Sadr, Hebron, born 14.01.1987, killed 14.08.2003
Mohammad Hazza’ Abdel Rahman Al-Ghoul, Nablus, born 17.08.1983, killed 27.06.2002
Mohammad Ghazi Ridwan Mahajneh, Nur Shams rc, Tulkarim, born 30.11.1973, killed 15.12.2001
Mohammad Fawzi Mahmoud Hussein, Nablus, born 04.07.1983, killed 17.07.1983
Mohammad Kazeed Faisal Bustami, Nablus, born 17.08.1983, killed 27.06.2002
Mohammad Jamil Hussein Faraj, Nur Shams rc, Tulkarim, born 30.11.1973, killed 15.12.2001
Mohammad Ismail Hasan Atallah, Nablus, born 04.07.1983, killed 17.07.1983
Mohammad Mahshour Mohammad Hashaykah, Nablus, born 30.07.1981, killed 21.03.2003
Mohammad Mahmoud Baker Nasir, Qabatya, Jenin, born 19.10.1973, killed 12.08.2001
Mohammad Lutfi Mahmoud Hanani, Nablus, born 06.10.1982, killed 11.11.2002
Mohammad Zaki Zakariya Asfar, Askar rc, Nablus, born 14.10.1983, killed 05.08.2002
Mohammad Mustafa Hasan Shahin Al-Darabee’, Doura, Hebron, born 09.04.1983
Mohammad Misbah Abdel Fattah Al-Battat, Al-Thahriya, Hebron, born 12.12.1982, killed 10.02.2002
Mo’ayyad Burhan Amin Khalifah, Nablus, born 1952, killed 28.04.1968
Mohammad Tawfiq Awad Allah Othman Al-Shamali, Bethlehem, born 07.09.1976, killed 22.02.2002
Mohammad Ahmad Abdel Rahman Daraghmeh, Jerusalem, born 14.06.1984, killed 02.03.2002
Mohammad Hasan Sharaf Abu Ruhi, Hebron, born 1931, killed 1969
Mohammad Samih Al-Masri, Beit Hanoun, Gaza, born 24.12.1983, killed 23.11.2002
Mo’ayyad Mahmoud Ibadah Salah-Iddin, Tulkarim, born 23.12.1976, killed 09.11.2001
Mou’min Nafed Ahmad Al-Malfouh, Gaza, born 08.04.1985, killed 24.06.2004
Mohammad Ziyad Mohammad Al-Khalili, Nablus, born 14.01.1976, killed 06.02.2002
Muhannad Ibrahim Fayyad Salahat, Nablus, born 12.08.1979, killed 30.03.2002
Moufid Mohammad Ibrahim Asrawi, Allar, Tulkarim, born 26.01.1976, killed 21.02.2002
Moufdhi Ahmad Hamad Bsharat, Tammoun, Toubas, born 1924, killed 09.10.1069
Moujahid Abdel Fattah Mustafa Al-Ja’barai, Hebron, born 10.09.1984, killed 16.05.2003
Muhannad Mohammad Abdel Rahim Al-Mansi, KSA, born 22.08.1987, killed 13.11.2005
Muhammad Mahmoud Abu Zour, Balata rc, Nablus, born 04.09.1983, killed 31.05.2002
Moustafa Mazen Moustafa Hanani, Nablus, born 10.08.1984, killed 07.11.2002
Moustafa Faisal Hussein Abu Sariyah, Jenin rc, Jenin, born 06.08.1982, killed 27.11.2001
Moujahid Khalid Abdel Qader Hamadah, Jordan, born 10.08.1987, killed 04.08.2002
Murad Mohammad Abdel Fattah Abul-’Asal, Tulkarim, born 30.01.1979, killed 30.01.2002
Mustafa Mohammad Ali Abdallah Daraghmeh, Toubas, born 01.01.1928, killed 27.03.1971
Nabil Ibrahim Mohammad Mas’oud, Jabalia, Gaza, born 31.05.1987, killed 14.03.2004
Nasir Iddin Mustafa Ahmad Asidah, Nablus, born 23.02.1968, killed 18.03.2003
Nabil Mohammad Hashem Al-Natsheh, Hebron, born 16.04.1977, killed 20.03.2002
Na’el Mohammad Mahmoud Omar, Al-Shati’ rc, Gaza, born 02.03.1982, killed 18.01.2004
Nasraddine Moustafa Ahmad Aseedah, Nablus, born 23.02.1968, killed 18.03.2003
Nasim Mohammad Abdel Ghani Al-Ja’bari, Nablus, born 15.04.1982, killed 31.08.2002
Nadir Mahmoud Hasan Tayeh, beita, Nablus, born 01.01.1947, killed 21.12.1968
Nidal Tayseer Shehadeh Jabali, Nablus, born 23.03.1977, killed 28.10.2001
Nidal Ibrahim Mustafa Abu Shadouf, Jenin, born 28.02.1981, killed 16.07.2001
Natheer Mohammad Mahmoud Hammad, Jenin, born 19.03.1974, killed 04.10.2001
Nimir Mohammad Yousif Abu Saifeen, SKA, born 02.09.1983, killed 09.12.2001
Nijim Ahmad Nijim Saleem, houwwarah, Nablus, born 1946, killed 04.05.1970
Omar Mohammad Awad Abul Roub, Jenin, born 24.09.1983, killed 28.11.2002
Omar Mohammad Ahmad Zayyadah, Nablus, born 28.12.1973, killed 11.06.2002
Omar Abdel Fattah Hafez Yaseen, Nablus, born 12.08.1982, killed 19.02.2002
Osama Nimer Darwish Abul Haija, Jeinin rc, born 23.06.1979, killed 25.05.2001
Osama Adel Mohammad Bishkar, Nablus, born 06.08.1984, killed 19.05.2002
Ribhi Ahmad Mohammad Yasin Al Kahlout, Jabalia, Gaza, born 26.02.1973, killed 02,11,1995
Ra’fat Salim Najeeb Abu Dayyak, Silat Al-Thaher, Jenin, born 15.05.1978, killed 20.03.2002
Ra’ed Abdel Hameed Abdel Razaq Misk, Hebron, born 20.01.1974, killed 19.08.2003
Rami Mohammad Jameel Moutlaq Idrees, Tulkarim, born 11.11.1978, killed 31.03.2002
Ragheb Ahmad Izzat Jaradat, Jenin, born 18.12.1984, killed 10.04.2002
Rafeeq Mohammad Ali Abdel Rahman Hammad, Qalqilia, born 21.4.1971, killed 10.10.2002
Ramzi Jamal Atallah Shaheen, Ein Areek Ramallah, born 15.12.1970, killed 11.11.1991
Ramzi Fakhri Abdel Rahman Ardah, Nablus, born 04.09.1986, killed 03.04.2004
Ramiz Fahmi Izzedine Abu Salem, Rantees Ramallah born 28.04.1981, killed 09.09.2003
Ridwan Salah Hussein Qarou, Nablus, born 14.02.1983, killed 10.04.2003
Ra’id Nabil Ibrahim Dar Jabir, Ramallah, born 23.01.1975, killed 04.09.2001
Rami Mohammad Hussein Isa Al-Shu’ani, Bethlehem, born 05.07.1979, killed 01.04.2002
Rafiq Mohammad Ziyad Yacoub Iqneni, Hebron, born 25.04.1980, killed 22.10.2003
Riyad Amin Abdel Rahim Jabir, Hebron, born 03.05.1953, killed 14.06.1968
Sa’eed Hussein Hasan Houtari, Jordan, born 1979, killed 01.06.2001
Sa’eed Abdel Hafeez Sameeh Battah, Jordan, born 15.05.1982, killed 09.03.2002
Sa’di Sa’eed Khalil Al Sha’rawi, Hebron, born 1945
Sa’ir Kamal Jameel Sa’adeh, Nablus, killed 26.12.2003
Said Waddah Hamid Awadah, Nablus, born 17.02.1985, killed 18.06.2002
Sa’eed Ibrahim Sa’id Ramadan, Kuweit, born 18.12.1978, killed 22.01.2002
Safout Abdel Rahman Mohammad Sa’id Khalil, Beit Wazan, Nablus, born 1984, killed 25.01.2002
Sabri Theeb Mousa Ali Daraghmeh, al lubban alsharqiyyeh Nablus, born 03.08.1954, killed 1982
Sa’d Tawfeeq Hasan Hanani, Nablus, born 06.10.1982, killed 10.08.2002
Samer Emad Mohammad Ibrahim Al Noori, Nablus, born 11.10.1983, killed 15.01.2003
Salah Iddin Ahmad Abdalleh Odeh Al A’raj, Bethlehem, killed 04.06.1960
Saif Allah Basheer Tawfeeq Badran, Nablus, born 10.03.1985, killed 01.01.2003
Sami Fathi Moustafa Bsharat, Tammoun, Toubas, born 15.06.1987, killed 13.03.2003
Samer Sameeh Mohammad Hammad, Jenin, born 19.04.1984, killed 17.04.2006
Samer Omar Ahmad As’ad, Selat Al-Harthiyeh, Jenin, born 22.09.1981, killed 29.11.2002
Shadi Ali Moutlaq Najmi, Ein Beit Alma’ rc, Nablus, born 8.10.1975, killed 09.03.2002
Sarhan Burhan Hussein Sarhan, Yaman, born 1983, killed 10.04.2003
Sami Ziyad Sa’eed Salamah, Nablus, born 26.12.1985, killed 22.05.2004
Shadi Zakariya Rida Al Toubassi, Jenin rc, born 31.8.1987
Shadi Mohammad Sidqi Hussein Nassar, Nablus, born 18.08.1978, killed 07.03.2002
Shadi Ibrahim Hamamrah, Housan, Bethlehem, born 14.07.1976, killed 26.03.2003
Suleiman Mustafa Abdallah Thiab, Ithna, Hebron, born 1926, killed 09.1967
Salah Abdel Hamid Shakir, Rafah, Gaza, born 01.01.1969, killed 22.11.1995
Tawfeeq Hashem Aref Mahameed, Deir Abu D’eef, killed 08.02.2002
Tareq Samir Fareed Hussein Safaqah, Tulkarinm, born 30.10.1980,
Tareq Diab Abd Hameed, Gaza, born 24.03.1980, killed 28.04.2004
Tariq Rasmi Dofash, Hebron, born 1982, killed 27.04.2003
Talib Usamah Hirmas, Bethlehem, born 03.05.1980, killed 10.03.2002
Turki Rashid Mustafa Abu ‚Arra Al-Najjar, Toubas, born 1945, killed 1972
Wafa’ Ali Khalil Idris, Am’ari rc, Ramallah, born 22.01.1971, killed 21.01.2002
Walid Mohammad Hijazi Ebeido, Jerusalem, born 26.08.1983, killed 08.06.2003
Yousif Ibrahim Hasan Atallah, Nablus, born 04.12.1983, killed 31.08.2002
Yousif Ahmad Hasan Hanani, Nablus, born 25.05.1975, killed 01.01.2003
Yahya Ali Mansour Abdel-Rahman, Qalqilia, born 1945, killed 1968
Yousif Taleb Yousif Ighbari, Qalqilia, born 14.01.1980, killed 14.09.2004
Yousif Mohammad Ragheb Abul Roub, Jenin, born 06.10.1978, killed 27.11.2002
Yousif Mohammad Ali Sweitat, Jenin rc, Jenin, born 03.05.1979, killed 28.10.2001
Yasir Sa’id Mousa Odeh, Bethlehem, killed18.02.2002
Yousif Hussein Odeh Sultan, Haris, Nablus, killed 1967
Yousif Abdallah Ahmad Akka Abu AlAbed, Jordan, born 01.03.1963, killed 05.12.1989
Zeid Isma’il Ahmad Hanani, Nablus, born 14.12.1986, killed 06.03.2008
Zainab Ali Isa Abu Salem, Nablus, born 10.04.1087, killed 22.09.2004


[1] http://www.makaberalarqam.ps/en/AboutCemetery.php

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