Al-Aqsa Massacre, 08 October 1990

08.10.1990: Zionists commit a massacre at Al-Aqsa Mosque, killing at least 17 Palestinians and injuring over 900:

Since 1967, the “Temple Mount Faithful” fanatic Jewish group continuously attacked Al-Aqsa with the protection and the support of the IOF. Such attacks often ended with Palestinians being killed, wounded or arrested. The worst of these terror attacks is the Al Aqsa massacre. Several days before the massacre this fanatic group informed the media of its intentions to march to Al-Aqsa, on the occasion of a religious festival known as the “Throne Festival”, and place the foundation stone of the so-called “Third Temple”. They called on all Jews to join in this march and their leader and founder Gershon Solomon announced that the “the Arab-Islamic occupation of the temple area must come to an end, and the Jews must renew their profound ties to the sacred area.”[1] Calls were made to the Palestinians to come and protect Al-Aqsa. On Monday 08.10.1990, some 200,000 fanatic Zionist Jews marched to Al-Aqsa. The Israeli army assisted the fanatics as usual and eased their mission by placing military checkpoints along the entrances to the city, so as to prevent the Palestinians from getting in and protecting the Al-Aqsa. Nevertheless, thousands of Palestinians had already gathered inside Al-Aqsa since the night before and early morning. It was when the Palestinians tried preventing the fanatic group from placing the so-called ”foundation stone” for their so-called temple, that the massacre began. IOF soldiers and the fanatic settlers starting shooting randomly at the unarmed Palestinians, not distinguishing between young and old, men and women, and using machine guns and gas bombs. Israeli helicopters participated in the massacre from the air. The massacre lasted 35 minutes, from 10:00 to 10:35, in which at least 17 Palestinians (some sources mention 18, others 23) were killed and some 900 injured, most of the wounds being in the head and in the heart. And as if that wasn’t enough, the IOF then started beaten the people with their clubs and rifles.

Eyewitnesses later reported that even those who lie wounded on the ground or in ambulances were shot at. “Nurse Fatima Abu Khadir said that “We went into the mosque precincts in an ambulance. I saw a large number of injured who had fallen on the ground. Then I saw lots of soldiers, hundreds of soldiers. They were about 30 meters from the ambulance and kneeling on one knee the way snipers do, and their weapons were aimed inside the ambulance. After that I couldn’t see anything.”

News agencies described the blessed precincts of al-Aqsa Mosque saying that blood had covered “the entire two hundred meters between the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque. Blood was flowing everywhere, all over the wide steps, and had stained the white tile the length of the broad courtyard, as well as the doors of both mosques. The walls of the two mosques had long, crimson lines etched onto hem by bleeding hands, and blood had stained the white uniforms of the woman first-aid workers. Everyone – the wounded and the more fortunate, first-aid workers, journalists, and Israeli soldiers – all of them looked as though they were swimming in blood.

Physician Muhammad Abu ‘Ayila relates what happened to him and to a wounded man to whom he had been trying to administer first aid, and how the Zionists’ glee at the sight of Palestinian blood spilled in the precincts of the holy mosque had blinded their eyes so much that they couldn’t distinguish between a young child and an old man, between a man and a woman, between a wounded man and one seeking to treat him. He says, “I got out of the ambulance carrying a first-aid kit. I was wearing a white uniform. The soldiers saw me and knew I was a doctor. But when I got to the wounded person nearest me and bent down to treat him, I got three bullets in my back in the region of the kidney. At that very moment, the wounded man near me died. But he could have been saved if I hadn’t been hit.” (source:

The Zionist government, in its usual way to trick the international community, announced the formation of an investigation committee. Such committees which are always comprised of Mossad and IOF personnel, have the duty of clearing Israel’s responsibility and placing the blame on the Palestinians. So it was no surprise this time too that the victims were blamed for being killed and that the murderers were announced to be not guilty. The committee announced that, “The report confirms clearly that the responsibility and fault for escalating [the conflict] lies on the side of the thousands of Muslim extremists, who were attacking the holy place of the Jews.”[2]

[2] (source:

Complete article: Zionist Attacks on Al-Haram Al-Qudsi Ash-Sharif

see also: Our Living Dead

“On Monday, October 8 1990, 17 people were killed and over three hundred wounded at the Al Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem. This is only the second part, about 14 minutes into the event.
One sees Palestinians running for their lives, ambulances shot at and tear gassed, medical staff seeking safety behind the mosque, one nurse was shot and wounded (not seen in this video).
One hears the Waqf Al Aqsa Mosque officials pleading with the Israeli Police and Border Police to STOP shooting and killing and telling the children to STOP throwing stones and return to the mosque amidst intense Israeli automatic gunfire for 29 minutes. The Waqf Al Aqsa officials were falsely arrested for incitement and released from Israeli detention based on the evidence found in this video.
Of the 17 killed that day,16 were shot multiple times from the torso up. 11 of the 17 in the head or neck. Ages ranged between 15 and 63.

Presented at the UN Security Council to a full Chamber- UNSC Resolutions 672 / 673 passed without veto.

The Al Aqsa Martyrs and their wounds.
Ribhi Hasan Rajabi,(61) Shot: 3x back / 1x chest
Izz Eddine Hamideh Yassini,(15) Shot: 6x head/torso/legs
Fayez Abu Sneineh,(18) Shot: 1x neck-head
Majdi Abu Sbeih,(17) Shot: 2x torso – abdomen
Ayman Ali Shami,(18) Shot: neck /back
Majdi Abu Sneineh,(17) Shot: 5x chest
Burhan Rahman Kashour,(19) Shot: shattered head
Jadu Rajeh Zadeh,(24) Shot: 2x chest/head
Ibrahim Ghurab,(31) Shot: 2x chest
Ibrahim Farhat Idkeidek,(16)Shot: 6x neck/side/legs
Maryam Makhtoub,(52) Shot: massive head injury
Mohammed Abu Sneineh,(30)Shot:3xhead/neck/arm
Nimer Dweik,(25) Shot: 4xeye/chest/abd/hand
Adnan Shteitwi Jinadi,(28) Shot:3x abdomen
Musa Abdel Sweiti,(27) Shot: 2xhead/side
Fawzi Ismail Sheikh,(63) Shot: 1x head
AbdelKarim Za Atreh,(40) Shot:unknown
From (PHRIC ; The Massacre of Palestinians at Haram Al Sharif – Special Investigative Report ( October 31 1990 )”

Source: (also pics/videos)

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